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Get To Know The Brand

Siksikawa (Suhk• Si• Kuh• Wha) is an Athletic Apparel company founded by Joshua Smith a self-motivated individual who's desire is to provide the world with a greater tomorrow by his apparel and designs to "Let It Be Known". Siksikawa is built on to bring the greatness out of all athletes.

Meaning of the Logo and the Slogan.  

The "S"- Stands for Siksikawa a Native American tribe base on one of the fearful tribes in North America.

"<"- The less than sign means no man nor woman is less than 0.

">"-The greater than sign means all men and women are greater than 0.

 "Let It Be Known" - Make your presence known.

So when you wear our brand just know that you are apart of our team. So LET IT BE KNOWN!!!